Founded in the 1886, Lake Side has a beautiful surrounding of Lindo Lake.  It was El Cajon Valley Land Company that purchased the land and thought of building it into a community.  This is how the Lakeside hotel which is popular these days came into existence. You will find interesting 80-room Victorian-style inn. Within a span of 3 years, this town was connected with railroad system. You will now find horse racetrack around the lake.

Lakeside is a town that holds the reputation as a “cowboy town” or the “rodeo town”. It is because of its rural setting. There are ranches and the abundance of horse ownership in this area. It was during the middle of the 20th century, this town witnessed Native American, Spanish-speaking and Filipino populations.

There are several social and service groups which are active in Lakeside. You will come across ample groups like the Elks, VFW, Optimist, Soroptimist, 4-H, FFA, Boys and Girls Club etc. The U.S. Navy maintains two large housing sites for military dependents in the town.

Lake Side is home to a trio of large reservoirs. So, you can visit the Lake Jennings, El Capitan Reservoir and San Vicente Reservoir. You will find various types of fish ranging from largemouth bass to catfish and rainbow trout. All of this is well maintained by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. The locals have beautifully maintained the county look.

If you wish to engage in any other recreational activities there are water sports like the wakeboarding and jet skiing. You can hit the outdoor trails for biking, hiking or even equestrian riding. You will love to have interesting clubs and casinos as well.

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