The Lakeside community is located in the western foothills of the mountains of Cuyamaca which are located on the San Diego River. The place is about 21 miles to the east of downtown San Diego. There were about 6,600 acres of the Rancho El Cajon land which were purchased by the El Cajon Land Company in the year 1886. The company mapped the area as a town-site naming it Lakeside after the Lindo Lake which is located near the Town Center.

Lakeside was essentially a rural community until the 1950s when the place started to develop and grow. Lakeside’s rural atmosphere was really very attractive to the people who were looking to escape the more densely settled areas of central San Diego. Also, with the completion of Interstate 8, there was a convenient access to the employment centers of the west. The suburbanization of the area then became a prime concern for the people who were residing there. In the year 1970, the board of Supervisors approved the creation of Lakeside Community Planning Group.

The desire to maintain a rural type of lifestyle has affected the way in which the area has developed. There is a good amount of small-scale farming being practiced. The homes in the area have small house corrals which show a high horse ownership. Maintaining the rural imagery of the area would be an important consideration for those who are wishing to develop in Lakeside.

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